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  • Roman T.

    Great, talented real estate agents. You guys are awesome!
  • Peyton K.

    Michael Pearson is amazing- he helped us find our dream apartment on the first day looking! Kind, professional and caring team.
  • Lucy P.

    Worked with Rich to find my last two apartments, he was pleasant and professional and would recommend him hands down!
  • Archer M.

    Sahar is terrific. Nothing more to say really, just trust her to get it done and take care of what you need. Let her run the process, tell her what you need and you'll be in good shape!
  • Elizabeth K.

    Grant Braswell is an excellent broker. He is extremely professional, caring and responsible. He helped me with two apartment hunts in different neighborhoods, and in both situations he was completely dedicated to finding me exactly what I wanted.
  • Ramona S.

    I highly recommend Sahar Aubon as your next NYC broker. She helped me find the perfect place in a short amount of time and was always available to answer my questions. Probably the most pleasant and efficient broker I've ever had. She's personable and really listens. Great experience. I'll definitely use her again!
  • Paul V.

    Fantastic Realtor! I had a very limited amount of time to find a place and I was relocating from Kentucky. Grant was a huge help. I told him what I wanted and my price range he managed everything for me. I flew up for a two day tour of Manhattan and he took me to tons of places. Ultimately we found a spot and he took care of all the paperwork.
  • Sylvie A.

    Grant was a pleasure to work with for our move to Chelsea. Efficient, attentive, and knowledgeable, he made the most of our time. He set up and confirmed every appointment so we never suffered a no-show. He also accompanied us to the signing to make sure the lease was as advertised. We are very happy with our apartment search.
  • Shashank P.

    Brian Blessinger helped us immensely in finding an apartment. He is on point with negotiations and communication. We had been looking at apartments for over two months and couldn't find anything but after we had him onboard we locked down a great place within a week.
  • Mary J.

    I've been working with Grant Braswell for a couple years and highly recommend him and his team at Compass. He's incredibly knowledgeable, professional, thorough and a lot of fun. I always looking forward to working with him because I know it will be a seamless, enjoyable experience.
  • Mirza J.

    We worked with Jennifer and could not imagine working with anyone else. Not only did we get a great coop in Queens but also an awesome friend. Jennifer is very energetic and makes the experience very enjoyable. She was there at every step with us and explained everything very clearly. She went above and beyond for us and we recommend her highly as an agent!
  • Its Possible S.

    Looking for an apartment in NYC can be a nightmare, but working with Sahar Aubon was an absolute pleasure. She was knowledgeable about the market and knew exactly what I was looking for. I never felt pressured to take on an apartment I didn't love, and she helped in negotiating favorable terms for me with the property. I would definitely recommend her. Extremely professional and knows the NYC market.
  • Zoe H.

    I worked with Grant a few years ago to find the perfect apartment in the Village. Grant knows the market and the City inside and out. Unlike most brokers, he's not looking to up-sell you to a place you can't really afford but still fall in love with or waste your time looking at dumps. He's patient, persistent and a pleasure to work with, unlike a slew of realtors I've worked with in the past. I recommend Grant to everyone and look forward to working with him again soon.
  • Liz E.

    My husband and I have been working with Jennifer to sublet an apartment on an ongoing basis. And what a great experience it has been! She finds quality tenants and oversees the entire process of getting those tenants into the apartment from start to finish. All those annoying things you didn't think about and that are totally inconvenient? She's already thought of them and she's already stepping up to take care of them. I look forward to continuing to work with her.
  • Conrad B.

    I contacted Grant at the Braswell Team to see if they could help my great Aunt sell her home. It was not in the best of shape but they treated us like we were selling a brand new apartment. They were extremely patient with us and the building - the estate process took much longer than expected. No wonder coops don't exist anywhere else! We felt that we got a very fair price in the end and I would recommend Grant and his team to anyone. Thanks again!
  • Kelley G.

    Grant Braswell is Awesome! I'm interested in joining the real estate industry as an agent so I called his office to ask a few questions after reading raving reviews. He kindly stayed on the phone with me for almost 30 minutes! Not only did he answer my questions but he openly talked about the industry and all the great things it has to offer. If you are thinking about getting into the business or have any real estate needs I suggest you give them a call!!
  • Sam C.

    Grant was extremely accommodating and responsive when I was trying to find a rental. He went above and beyond, and I truly appreciated how responsive he was to my questions and concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend him to a friend. Full disclosure, I did not end up renting the apartment he showed me, but that is in no way a reflection on Grant. I was impressed by his professionalism and would reach out to him in the future when looking for a place.
  • Logan A.

    We worked with Whitney Farber to find our Coop in Prospect Heights. Whitney was awesome--she really understood what we were looking for, was very knowledgeable of the market and hooked us up with a great team to guide us through the entire process. She really cared about us and finding something that would be a great fit. She was incredibly prompt and always available throughout the entire process--we can't imagine buying a place without her!
  • Sam H.

    While we ended up taking a friend's place, Huma was a fantastic ambassador for the UES and Murray Hill who we found through Yelp. We would definitely contact her again. She was punctual, organized, realistic, friendly, and gave us a wide array of properties to consider all along our price range and from different vantage points. She spent tons of time with us, rolled with our unvarnished feedback, and sent quick notes as we deliberated. It's so refreshing as a busy professional that we only needed to hop on the phone once to get the job done! Would absolutely call her again.
  • Nancy H.

    Grant and his team helped my husband and I buy an apartment in Brooklyn. This was our first home purchase. As first time home buyers Grant was dedicated, helping us find listings we would not have otherwise found and see places that fit our needs and budget. Once we found our place he helped us navigate the never ending co-op process. With many highs and lows, starts and stops to closing on our apartment Grant and his team kept us informed, pushed to get things through more quickly and adeptly helped us negotiate. I could not recommend Grant and his team more.
  • Charlie C.

    Grant is an exceptional agent in the NYC market. He is trustworthy, responsive, but perhaps most importantly adaptable to your preferences and desires as far as meeting times, communications and housing types. Most of all, I give Grant credit for being incredibly patient. We must've looked at 40 places before seeing the correct spot. I recommend Grant with the utmost confidence - and urge you to consider him for your home buying/renting needs in New York City.
  • Scott S.

    Grant and this team, we worked with Wendy, were incredible to collaborate with and we got an apartment (for rent) on our first day of looking. We saw a great mix of places and decided on the last one, as it was perfect for what we were looking for. Wendy was very laid back, friendly, new the market and didn't pressure us at all. She was also extremely helpful with the paperwork side of things and was very easy to communicate with before and after our search. Strongly recommended!!!
  • Jessica G.

    My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Grant when planning our move from CA to NYC for this summer. Grant was gracious enough to take his time and show us several condos/apts in our price range in two different boroughs. We didn't end up needing his services as we found a place on our own, but I truly appreciated his patience and knowledge. We actually had fun looking at places with him, he made it interesting and informative! Thank you so much Grant and best of luck to you in all your endeavors!
  • Adam M.

    I worked with Grant for several years when he worked at Corcoran and he is a standup guy. Extremely hardworking, honest, patient, and very knowledgeable about the market. We used to call him "data head" because he is full of facts and can always quickly crunch out numbers. I've always known Grant to put his client's needs before anything else, which is why he has become such a successful NYC broker. I continue to work with Grant and happily refer clients to him because I know they are in good hands.
  • Tracy K.

    When you have to dive into the potentially awful experience of selling your house in the NY Market, Brooklyn in particular, you have a lot of concerns and questions, and trying to find an agent that you can trust and will work for you is not an easy task. I was lucky enough to find Grant on Yelp and I couldn’t be happier. He is most attentive, accommodating and professional. Always quick to respond via phone, email or text. Not to mention, all around nice person to work with. I highly recommend him for any of your real estate needs. Thank you Grant!
  • Jeff K.

    Grant has helped me with both a rental and condo purchase in NYC He is a genuine guy who is very knowledgeable about real estate, which together make him a great broker. I especially like the fact that he's sensitive about my time constraints - he really took the time to understand my preferences upfront in order to selectively reach out to me upon knowing there may be a strong fit. Deciding where to live is a big decision in the midst of a process that can be overwhelming (especially in NYC) - Grant helped me understand the complete picture in order to lead me to the right outcome.
  • Mia B.

    I would recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants to work with a broker in NYC in a heartbeat. She is energetic, friendly and super responsive. She helped us find an awesome apartment in Queens that would allow us to bring our large dog, which was no small feat. She responded to emails, texts, phone calls right away...seriously, I don't think this woman every sleeps. What I really liked is that I felt like she was looking out for our best interests rather than her commission. I've worked with other brokers in the city before, and this was above and beyond the most (actually, the only) positive experience I've had.
  • Carolyn E.

    Ever since I moved to New York over two years ago, Grant has been very helpful with all kinds of real estate advice and recommendations. Although I've never personally closed a deal with him, I have a lot of friends who have used his services and found great apartments in the city. Whether it was recommendations on the best neighborhoods, or just general advice that I, as a renter, have needed over the years, Grant has never hesitated to help me out. He's been a huge asset in helping me navigate the crazy world of NYC real estate, and I highly recommend him, whether you're new to the city or a New York City native!
  • Mitchell K.

    My wife and I were thrilled to find the Braswell Team through Yelp! We wanted to sell our apartment in Manhattan and needed a reliable and trustworthy agent to represent us because we live in San Francisco. From the initial phone call to the closing date, Grant was always helpful, responsive, and professional through and through. We couldn't be happier having more than 6 offers in a week and sold our place at a well-asking price within a month. Thank you Grant, Corey and Huma once again for a job well done! We highly recommend the Braswell Team if you ever consider using their service.
  • Bianna Y.

    I worked with Jennifer to rent a coop apartment that she was representing, and I have to say, I've never worked with a more helpful, professional and genuinely nice broker. Even though she was working for the subletter, she helped me through the arduous process of submitting materials to the coop board and went out of her way to make sure the apartment was cleaned and ready for me to move in (she even shuttled herself from Manhattan back out to Queens just to give my key to the super when I couldn't get out of work to do so). She goes above and beyond and is a joy to work with. I will definitely be calling upon her the next time I have to find a place!
  • Kate S.

    I just moved to NYC and had heard horror stories about finding a place. Grant knocked it out of the park on all accounts! He put my needs as first priority, found places that fit my exact specifications immediately and was able to line them all up efficiently so I didn't waste time looking! I found my ideal place within a day (even though we looked at tons of places in person! and even more online!) On top of that, he is simply a great person to chat with and puts you at ease. I think the most important part is his honesty - you don't have to worry about scams or unknown fees etc. that are the horror stories you hear about looking for NYC apartments. Reach out if you need to find a place!
  • Winnie F.

    I strongly recommend Jennifer as a broker in the NYC metro area. She is highly compassionate, timely, organized, knowledgeable, and determined when it comes down to finding you the right place to live and call home. She will always make you feel like you are her top priority. She's very fast to respond to email/text/phone calls. If she doesn't know the answer to your question she will be sure to ask Grant or one of her legal or banking contacts and find out for you. Also, her integrity is above and beyond that of most NYC brokers just looking to make a quick commission. I am enthusiastic about my recommendation for Jennifer but I just hope she doesn't become overbooked when I need her help again later down the road!
  • Christina N.

    A fantastic, painless experience renting for the first time in New York through Grant. I began the process with little idea of what I was looking for besides a short commute and a budget, and only had a weekend in the city to find a place. But Grant helped me figure out the best neighborhoods to look in, then took care of all the legwork ahead of time to line up lots of great options for me to see while I was in town. While I was in the city, he made sure I got to know the neighborhoods I was considering, answered all my questions along the way, and was incredibly transparent, responsive, and patient in helping me find the ideal place to live. In the end I found a perfect apartment, and I was amazed by how seamless the whole experience was, from initial communication through signing. Highly recommend the Braswell team!
  • Nick P.

    Grant was one part fantastic agent and one part therapist. New York real estate is a beast and we had been looking for a long time with no success. Grant guided us in expanding our search, which led us to find a place we fell in love with. However, our offer was not initially successful. So after we made a bunch of offers on other properties we liked less, Grant strategized, went back to the seller's agent, and came up with a deal that worked for everyone. It ended up being a complex purchase that seemed to go on forever (through no fault of his) but Grant regularly called us to keep us in the loop and talk about our feelings. He kept us calm and optimistic, and ultimately guided the transaction towards a successful closing. Even when there was an issue post-closing, Grant dealt with it even though he didn't really have to.
  • Bryan I.

    We recently bought a NYC apartment - our first time purchasing - and we couldn't be more grateful to have had Grant as our broker. He provided invaluable advice and insight at every single step of the way. He's deeply knowledgeable about all parts of the home buying process (and even many tangentially related topics) and cares deeply about putting his clients in the very best situation that he can. He's was incredibly attentive and sympathetic to our needs at every stage and went above and beyond to make himself available whenever we needed him. Grant even referred our lawyers to us, who we absolutely loved as well. We love our home and I truly don't think that we would have gotten it if it wasn't for Grant. We would recommend him and his team to anyone without reservation.
  • Travis C.

    I can't say enough good things about Grant and his team. I was very budget oriented during my search and hugely unfamiliar with the NY real estate pitfalls (aside from renting...buying is a whole different ballgame) - they did a tremendous job keeping me competitive in the market and walking me through the process. Everything was thoroughly explained to me as we went along, and never once was I pressured into anything that was out of my budget, or didn't meet requirements. As a result I felt comfortable accepting some key recommendations during several offers. Many realtors in NY would have taken advantage of that amount of latitude; Grant did not. If you are looking for an upstanding, intelligent, and exceptionally reasonable group to help you with your NY real estate transaction, look no further.
  • Catherine R.

    I worked with Grant and his associate Jen last year in looking for a place with my young man in Long Island City. They were both gracious and attentive, and they never wasted our time showing us places that seemed "aspirational" [read: out of our stated budget]. Plus, I hate to have to say this, but these guys also speak in complete sentences, return messages, and answer their phones. And if you've ever rented an apartment in NYC, you know that well over 75% of realtors don't have that going for them. We're planning to start looking for places again soon, and Grant and Jen will be the first people we turn to!
  • Arlene M.

    We have bought and sold a lot of properties in the past and have worked with a number of realtors. In our experience, Grant Braswell is the best we have ever worked with. We recently bought an apartment on the Upper West Side. Grant was knowledgeable of neighborhoods and on top of real estate market trends. He really listened, was responsive and always followed through in a timely manner. Grant even referred us to excellent designers and contractors to make renovations. We could not be happier with the results. It is likely we will do more real estate transactions in NYC in the future. Grant Braswell is the only realtor we would consider working with.
  • Erin B.

    Just moving from San Francisco to NYC and was seriously stressed about the experience. The team was absolutely fantastic and went out of their way to support me through the process. I worked specifically with Huma in Harlem and Washington Heights, but she was extremely knowledgeable about the entire city (and answered so many questions I had about basically everything). Not only did she help me with finding a place, she held my hand through the entire lease signing, and even kept up with me after the whole process was finished to make sure the move-in went smoothly. I really can't say enough good stuff about these guys. They completely defy the traditional stereotype of scary NYC brokers. I'll be recommending them to all my friends.
  • Cynthia T.

    Jennifer was great! I had my trepidations about brokers in NYC but Jennifer made me feel at ease and was a pleasure to work with. She had to work around me and my boyfriend's hectic travel schedules and was even helping us remotely while she was vacationing in Hawaii. We had a bit of trouble securing a key to our new place in time (the management company was at fault) and Jennifer was very accommodating in trying to find us a solution. In the end we were able to secure a key in time and were very thankful to Jennifer for her help. I have since recommended Jennifer to a couple of friends and they have been very happy with her services. I won't hesitate to recommend Jennifer to anyone who is looking for a broker in NYC.
  • Abbey V.

    Mrs: Moving is STRESSFUL. My husband and I had a lot on our plates, trying to finish up grad school, among other things, prior to moving to the city. After spending countless hours online, trying to find the right borough, the right neighborhood, the right street, left, right, west, east, etc., all with room for our two dogs and family and friends to visit - a friend of a friend put us in touch with Grant and he managed everything for us. (Thank goodness!) We were very particular - two bedrooms, a private roof, and two bathrooms - among others. My husband flew up, and within two days, we had our home on the Upper West Side. Our apartment is absolutely beautiful and I am thankful every single day that we found our "home" in the city. Simply put - Grant is the best. He is a true professional, and we so lucky to have had the opportunity to have worked with him.
  • Heather M.

    I wholeheartedly agree with all the other reviewers here, Grant is the best. My husband and I were relocating from Atlanta and had 3 days to find our perfect place. We gave Grant our requirements and headed to the city with a lot of skepticism, based on horror stories we'd heard about brokers from friends. Grant picked us up at our hotel and drove us around Brooklyn, showing us apartments - yes, he drove us! How's that for service? We saw 12 apartments in 2 days and liked most of them. We were totally unprepared for loving 5 of them and having to really struggle to choose just one. Grant carefully explained the application process, was always prepared to answer any questions we had, negotiated with the landlord on our behalf and, in the end, helped us find a great place. We were very happy with the deal he was able to work out for us. His services are worth every single penny of the broker's fee.
  • Eric M.

    We used Grant as our broker when moving from Boston to New York, and I must say he did an excellent job. After we narrowed down some criteria for him (general location, amenities, and price range), he created a list of about a dozen apartments for us to see. Due to our personal schedules, we only had one weekend to spend in NYC, and Grant made sure we saw every apartment possible during that time. He essentially spent the entire weekend showing us apartments on the Upper West Side, giving us a wide variety of places to choose from. He was very knowledgeable about the area, whether an apartment was overpriced or underpriced, and seemed to give his honest opinion on every apartment we saw. Once we finally picked an apartment, he continued to help us out, answering every annoying question I sent him for the next month (why hasn't the condo board approved us, when can we move in, etc. etc.). He was quick to respond and definitely made our Boston to NYC move a lot easier. We have been in our apartment now for almost a year, and could not be happier it!
  • N E.

    How can I start thanking Grant for being probably one of the few most decent, genuine, honest, professional, down to earth, caring, empathetic, and fantastic person to deal with. Coming to New York, I was freaked out with the reputation of brokers. I had a few craigslist listings I went too. Then went with others who were clumsy, wasted my time, and walked me through 6 showings that they only had access to show one. Then I met Grant and he was AWESOME. Extremely honest and caring, he took me through several fantastic places and helped me land the one I loved in no time. Grant is also great in following up, he responds in no time to emails and calls. After 6 months of my rental, I reached out to him. Although there is no business interest and I am not providing any more fees to Grant, he stood by me and recommended a couple of solutions that were amazingly helpful. I have a lot of respect for someone with high integrity, experience, and support. I wish everyone in New York and world's real estate market have these values. I would recommend Grant blindly for anyone who is interested in a rental in New York. Respect and a lot of appreciation for your hard work man.
  • Michele K.

    Grant is amazing! I moved here from the bay area in September. I found Grant on Yelp and he was the only realtor out of three that I called to promptly return my call. He was actually vacationing at the time. That said a lot to me! I was looking for a rental but ended up buying a condo. Buying in NY is a bit of a nightmare but Grant was amazing to work with. He was patient and always listened to what you wanted. A lot of the agents in NY give you what they want and work on their timeline and not with your timeline. Fast forward some months and due to some flooding issues with the new condo our insurance hires their own broker to find us temporary housing. Working with this broker and another agent only reconfirmed my feelings for Grant. He is great at what he does and really cares about his job. He doesn't have an attitude with you and works with you. If you want a nice smooth transition from home to home Grant is your man!
  • Elaine Y.

    Last year my fiancé and I were burned by a not-so-good broker who only selected apartments that were BOTH out of our price range and extremely mediocre. This year we decided to be much more careful when selecting a broker and we were SO happy to have found Grant. We had a long list of must-haves from neighborhood to kitchen requirements, so in short, we presented a bit of a challenge. Grant was patient and extremely responsive. At the height of our search he would meet with us multiple times a week to make sure we were always getting first crack at apartments. And even when we shot down places because we didn't like the block or the kitchen was too dark or whatever, Grant never wavered or complained. He would take our feedback and refine the search. In the end, Grant found us a better apartment than we thought possible. All in all, we could not be happier with our apartment and recommend Grant to anyone who needs help finding a new home.
  • Meghan B.

    We could not have asked for a more helpful agent than Haim Farkas. We were moving in from Chicago and only had one day to view places, so we wanted to make sure that we spent our time wisely. Haim was super responsive to all of my (very long) emails, not missing any details. If he didn't have the answer to one of our questions, he let us know, and then reached out to whoever he needed to in order to confirm all of the information with us as quickly as possible. While I'm sure he was working with other renters, it felt like all of his attention was given to us - emails and calls were replied to within minutes, even after business hours. Haim walked around Manhattan with us in the pouring rain showing us places, making sure that we were comfortable the entire time. He gave us advice while being sure not to sway our decision in either way. We felt like Haim was more of a very helpful, resourceful friend than just an agent. I definitely recommend him to everyone, especially people moving into NY from out of town.
  • Lissette S.

    As a first time buyer, I was super intimidated by the aggressive nature of the NYC real estate industry. Before working with Grant at The Braswell Team, I spoke to a ton of agents but never felt an honest enough connection to start taking my apartment search seriously. Grant gave me a call in response to a listing inquiry, & immediately made me feel comfortable & safe. He answered all of my questions elaborately (there were a lot of questions), & sent me a variety of helpful resources to educate me on the process. Utilizing the Compass app made it very easy to explore & discuss listings with Grant, & he was super-fast in reaching out to property owners to set up viewings. Grant never once pushed me to consider a property that wasn't within my financial means (if anything he level-set me when I was reaching above my budget), & was completely supportive of me while I navigated through each of the process milestones with mortgage lenders & property managers. I recently closed on my apartment & could not be happier with my experience with The Braswell Team.
  • Brian K.

    New York has more smarmy brokers than the subway has rats. I've dealt with the classic bait and switch, being dragged to apartments grossly out of my price range or desired neighborhood, dopey lines about how a shoebox, rat-infested apartment is my bedroom but New York is my living room and a general being made to feel that I was just a transaction and not a person in need of help. Enter Jen. My girlfriend and I were looking to move in together, and we had a specific set of neighborhoods and price range. Jennifer absolutely stuck to that ballpark. She found and showed us apartments. In addition, she gave us the inside story on the owners and steered us clear of a few places that had the potential to be a raw deal. During the whole process she was super friendly and prompt in replying when we had questions. When it came time to sign the paperwork, Jen was very thorough in explaining the legalese and making sure we were comfortable with everything. All in all, Jen made apartment hunting something resembling fun. Over a year later and we're still in the same apartment and couldn't be happier in no small part due to Jen's hard work!
  • Bailey C.

    Corey Bradley is my hero! People say that in NYC you are either hunting for a job, a man or an apartment! And we can all agree that hunting for an apt is the worst and least fun of the three. I have never had to work with a broker in the past, but finally the day came I found myself needing an apt, like yesterday, with very little time in which to find one. Thankfully I was introduced to Corey through a friend, and I couldn’t have had a better first Broker experience. I messaged him one night with my needs, not even an hour later he had apts lined up for us to view the very next day. The first apt we walked into was perfect. He hit the nail on the head and the apt fit all my needs plus extras to spare, even the price I needed!! I checked to make sure I wasn’t having a stroke. He asked all the right questions so I didn’t have to worry, and trust me, I was a crazy person through the entire process, but Corey continued to be a major support system. He was always cool, calm, collected and carried himself very professionally. I made up my mind that I didn’t need to even see any of the other apts he lined up, he got it so perfect the first time! We made an offer that 1st day, by the 2nd day he submitted my material, and by the 3rd we were signing a lease. It all seemed too good to be true! I couldn’t have gone through the ordeal without him by my side, and you would be crazy to navigate the NYC real estate market without Corey by yours.
  • Harrison V.

    Two of my friends and I were moving up from Philly to New York and we got in contact with Grant because he was recommended by others and we weren't let down. He started by giving us a rundown of the NYC market--what we could expect from certain neighborhoods and how we should strategize our apartment search. Now, looking for a 3 bedroom apartment in NYC in May/June was no easy task. To add to this, we gave Grant an exhaustive list of requirements and restrictions that seemed almost impossible to meet in a market where you could count the number of 3 bedrooms in Manhattan on two hands. He took us out two days in May and there wasn't much that met our needs in our price range. However, Grant never gave up on us. He continued to send us emails daily with new listings that were appropriate for what we wanted. He took us out a third time (sorry for taking so much time Grant!) and finally landed us the perfect place, helping us negotiate the price down even though this would mean a lower commission for himself. In addition to all of the house hunting, Grant was kind enough to invite us to one of his parties where we met a ton of amazing people. Grant is probably the nicest and most honest broker you will meet in NYC. I've heard of people having terrible experiences with brokers in NYC, but for us it was nothing but smooth sailing and complete satisfaction with Grant. Highly recommended!
  • Nicole T.

    Grant is an absolute gem, and you would be lucky to have him as your realtor. He is very approachable, responsive, personable, and really wants to help find you a home. My husband and I recently relocated from Los Angeles to Manhattan. Neither one of us had lived in New York City before, but we had heard it is extremely difficult to find a good apartment, and even tougher to find a good broker. We hired Grant based on his positive Yelp reviews. We had only one weekend to find an apartment in Manhattan, as we were both still working in LA at the time and could only afford to fly to NYC one time. In preparation for this, we emailed Grant a list of "must-haves" and "would like to haves." He sent us an extensive email of listings, including floor plans, photos, and detailed descriptions. When we got to Manhattan, in a single day, Grant showed us at least 7-8 apartments, all of which fit our "criteria." It was very easy to select "our favorite," and Grant quickly put in our application, and even talked the rent down by $100/month! We had a very extensive application process as our unit is in a condominium building which requires a lot of scrutiny. Grant assisted us the entire way, even making arrangements for us to move in a couple of days early. Grant is prompt, professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him. We would definitely use him again in the future, although he found us such a great home, I don't think we'll be moving anytime soon!
  • Mrs. D.

    Grant has been patient, professional, knowledgeable, and incredibly gracious. My husband and I are coming from California, where the buying process is vastly different; might as well be a different planet. With every step, Grant explained the process, the state of the current market and never pressured us. He is incredibly responsive (for how many people he has helped find homes) and I am certain he advocated for the very best deal. Firstly, let me say that we were looking for something that is rare: a studio Co-op with generous sublet policies, maintenance under 800, on the Upper West Side, and with a strict price range, preferably in a brownstone. Even after he found and showed us exactly what we were wanting, he showed us more; leaving tons of room to find the perfect place. He just gets it. Not many agents are taking into account your long-term real estate goals; most are just looking for the fastest possible close and commission. He ideated with us: understands where markets are appreciating, where to maximize rental income and the different advantages in property/income taxes throughout the boroughs. So this story gets sad when my husband had to call him, tonight, to back out of our deal. Unforeseen financial issues made it better for us to press pause. After everything, Grant was gracious, understanding, encouraging, and did not make us feel badly in the slightest. All that to say, we highly recommend him ;)
  • David H.

    Couldn't recommend Whitney from the Braswell team highly enough. Absolute pro, committed to getting the best for you whilst making the whole buying process as painless for you as possible. As first time buyers we really didn't know what we wanted. We shared some initial thoughts upfront with Whitney and she took it in her stride that my wife and I each had some widely different must haves on our lists as far as location, facilities etc. were concerned. Of course we only really figured out which of these we really cared about enough to pay for after months of being shown a wide variety of places by Whitney, through which she really got to know us both and would accurately make the case in my wife's behalf if she wasn't there on a viewing. Whitney also challenged us to look in locations we hadn't considered and by showing us a wide range of options really helped us work out that some of our must haves we could live without, whilst other things not on our initial list were important. She is a Wikipedia of information on so many aspects of NY real estate and gave us so much great advice along the way. I honestly started to feel embarrassed that we were taking so long to get our act together and reach a decision to put an offer in on a place, but not only did Whitney dismiss that out of hand but she doubled down her desire that we found a place we really wanted and didn't settle for somewhere only 'nice enough'. Far from trying to get a quick sale Whitney challenged us to aim high and was always good company as we did our viewings and aggressive on our behalf when we want to make an offer. We love our place and there's no way we'd have got it without Whitney.
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